Are You a Coach, Trainer Consultant, Therapist, Healer, Mentor, Speaker or Service Provider?


And, are you..?

  • 1.

    Wanting to sell your programs, packages, sessions and/or services online… via social media, email marketing or online sales pages?

  • 2.

    Fed up with wasting your precious time staring at a white screen for ages when it’s time to send that marketing email or write the copy for your latest offer?

  • 3.

    Scared of being too hard-ball in your sales copy and worried that your clients will think you’re pushy?

Have you..?.

  • 1.

    Ever felt that sinking feeling after spending time crafting sales copy that didn’t bring the anticipated flood of payments flocking to your bank account?

  • 2.

    Attempted to hire a sales copywriter but been put off by the premium fees they command?

  • 3.

    Felt that nobody other than you would be able to communicate in your ‘voice’ anyway – especially if you’re in a heart-centred business?


My name is Veronica Pullen, and for the past 6 years I've been helping service providers to attract and enroll more email subscribers and paying clients from social media.


Because much of our online communication is written, it's imperative that your copy is able to connect with your audience emotionally.


Yet, most business owners I meet are in an “it’s complicated” relationship with writing sales copy.


Often, just thinking the words " sales copy" is enough for their creative flow to walk out of the door, and leave them staring at a blank screen, not knowing where to even start!


Learning to write sales copy the 'traditional' way is a l-o-n-g process and certainly not for the faint hearted. After all, it's a highly specialised skill, and that's why the pros can command such high fees.


But, you don't want to be a professional level copywriter, nor do you have endless hours and money to invest to learn this skill set anyway.


You just want copy that will connect with your audience emotionally in YOUR voice, so you can enroll more paying clients from your online marketing...


Perhaps you’ve tried outsourcing your sales copywriting in the past, but been put off by the delay in getting your project out into the world, the high fees they command, or the fact they aren't able to capture your unique voice.


The thing is though... when you ask any business owner what they need more of, the two most popular responses to the question are LEADS and SALES. 


There is a direct correlation between the quality of your sales copy, and the volume of leads and sales you can expect to attract!

So, isn't it time you stopped...

[*] Wasting your precious time writing copy that your audience will only scroll past?


[*] Losing sales opportunities and leaving the very people who are in need of your help right now in pain, never knowing that you are the one who can help them, because they're not resonating with your copy? 


[*] Feeling guilty about the amount of money you have spent on Facebook advertising and boosting poorly written promo posts, with nothing to show for it?


[*] Worrying that your income levels won't increase and you'll never achieve the success you know in your heart you are capable of?


[*] Risking having to give up your passion projects and wave goodbye to your business dreams to go back to working full-time for someone else again?


Want to get more of your online audience opting in to your list and buying from you? You need captivating copy that your readers will feel a connection with and be MOTIVATED to respond to.


Imagine if you could have access to a very simple, step-by-step process to create persuasive ‘non pushy’, emotion based sales copy that will attract an endless stream of email subscribers and paying clients - with EASE?



"Painless Promo Copy" Online Program

When working with clients to help them build a personal brand and design their aligned offers, the biggest struggle happens when they sit down to write their own engaging sales copy to promote their new offer.


I'm sure you too have felt the pain of staring at an empty screen when you sit down to write? 


So, I identified a way for my clients to craft their copy without all the stress they've experienced previously.


It's called the "Painless Promo Copy" method, and I first taught it in my 10 Days to SOLD Online program - and since then, I've shared it with hundreds of business owners who were frustrated with their struggle to write compelling copy.


The impact was incredible... people crafting truly engaging and compelling copy that their audience really connected with - without any of the difficulties they'd experienced when trying to write copy previously...


People who had, for a long time, found it difficult to attract enquiries and paying clients online, who are now receiving a consistent flow...


... all from following the Painless Promo Copy process to craft compelling sales copy that sells - with ease!


Get Instant Access to the Painless Promo Copy Program Now...

  • 1.

    Lifetime access to the full program content so you can work through the sessions at your own pace, and in your own time.

  • 2.

    Access to our private forum to ask questions and be supported by me and your peers.

... £197


Inside the program, you'll get instant access to all sessions - ready for you to work through at your own pace, in your own time


Each session ends with an assignment for you to complete - step by step crafting your first piece of compelling sales copy, with each assignment guiding you one step nearer to turning your unique zing into words that ka-ching.     


Follow the Painless Promo Copy method to craft copy for your...

  • 1.

    Sales pages - for selling your programs, services, packages, and/or sessions online

  • 2.

    Squeeze (opt-in) pages - for attracting more email subscribers

  • 3.

    Social media posts or ads - where you are promoting your paid offers or lead magnets and want to inspire action

  • 4.

    Emails you send to your list - to nurture your relationship and/or promote your products or services

  • 5.

    Webinar registration pages - where your goal is to attract registrations  

  • 6.

    'Stick' email campaigns - such as an email sequence you send to your webinar registrations to persuade them to attend the webinar.

  • 7.

    Video scripts - for when you want your video to inspire action (such as a sales page video)

  • 8.

    Autoresponder email campaigns - automated emails you send to your email subscribers after they have opted in to your list.

  • 9.

    Direct mail letters - physical sales letter sent in the mail, to inspire an action

"I'm Finally Writing Copy that Resonates With my Audience"

I have just sent a link to my sales page to a lady who enquired, and she's IN! 

And look what she said about my copy:

"I totally resonated with your copy. It's as if you were writing to me! Have you been reading my mind?!"

WOW! And I wrote it!

Nicola Mullarkey
The Honest Recruiter

In fact, you can apply the Painless Promo Copy method to ANY type of promotional copy you write, when you want to connect with your audience and motivate them into action.


What is Included in Your Investment When You Purchase the Painless Promo Copy Program Today?


Banish writer’s block, and forget the days of staring at a blank screen for hours. Get access to all 7 sessions instantly. Follow the process to craft your emotion-based, results driven sales and marketing copy whenever you need it:

  • 1.

    Get clarity on WHO you want you want your copy to connect with, so you can be confident that your message will stand out from the crowd online and be HEARD by your dream clients...

  • 2.

    Define the pain, frustration or problem your product or service helps your clients overcome so you can connect with HOW they feel, and show them that you understand and you've got their back = developing TRUST and EMPATHY

  • 3.

    Recognise the result that they want your help to achieve so you can connect with their VISION and demonstrate how their life or business will BENEFIT from working with you - inspiring them into ACTION when they read your words.

  • 4.

    Step-by-step, craft your sales copy in a way that is FELT by your audience and MOTIVATES them to take ACTION.

Enjoy the buzz of excited anticipation as you press the button on your latest marketing campaign, and experience the jubilation of celebrating your new leads and sales.

And... no more wasting your precious time sending marketing campaigns that don’t get results


Are you ready to start enjoying the results of putting high-conversion marketing copy in front of your audience, inspiring more people to take action… and getting more clients saying YES?


Get Instant Access to the Painless Promo Copy Program Now...

  • 1.

    Lifetime access to the full program content so you can work through the sessions at your own pace, and in your own time.

  • 2.

    Access to our private forum to ask questions and be supported by me and your peers.

... £197

"£3,500 in 4 hours from one email!"

£3,500 in sales within 4 hours of sending the sales email you wrote for my client! Thanks Veronica!” 

BC (White label client)
"Veronica writes beautifully!"

Veronica was our Copywriter at Shift for three years. She is exceptionally insightful, writes beautifully, and truly knows her stuff.

Dr Joanna Martin
World Reknowned Author, Speaker, Women's Leadership Ambassador, and Entrepreneur
"Without a doubt, Painless Promo Copy is the BEST sales copywriting training I have ever seen!"

Without a doubt, Painless Promo Copy is the BEST training I have ever seen when it comes to writing sales copy.

Veronica, I think you've hit on a very powerful process to help people do all their marketing copy - this is much better than other copywriting training I’ve followed previously. 

Thank you! X

Gwyneth Letherbarrow
Feel Good Coaching & Consulting
"Makes writing promo copy so easy!"

Painless Promo Copy has been fantastic Veronica, and I’ve really enjoyed it. 

I used to hate writing promo copy. This process made it so easy and I'm excited to be putting a new program out soon!

Linda Anderson
Tap Into Your Success
"£5,000 from one email!"

I wanted to send a promotion email to my subscribers and asked Veronica if I could hire her to write it.

She crafted an email for me which I sent out, and within 30 seconds the phone rang with the first order. 

In total, we made £5,000 – from ONE email!

Later, I purchased Veronica's Painless Promo Copy program, and quite honestly, it is the best program I have ever bought!

Ellie Kirby
Exhibition Plinths

Take the guesswork out of writing words that sell and enjoy the results of turning your first-class sales copy into an endless stream of enquiries from your DREAM clients, eager to work with you...


Get Instant Access to the Painless Promo Copy Program Now - and Turn Your Unique Zing Into Words That Ka-Ching...

  • 1.

    Lifetime access to the full program content so you can work through the sessions at your own pace, and in your own time.

  • 2.

    Access to our private forum to ask questions and be supported by me and your peers.

... £197

"A Really Worthwhile Investment"

I would like to recommend Veronica’s Painless Promo Sales Copy course because it is a really feel good and easy process to do and follow, and you will have the process to apply again and again for whatever copy you will ever have to write.

But also, Veronica’s copy critique…

I have just received the most well thought out and thorough video critique ever from Veronica.

I am very impressed with Veronica's x-ray specs (she found the big gap in my copy immediately!) and expertly shaped my copy into something very useful and valuable.

This course is a really worthwhile investment.

Inger H Madsen